Vote for Tell Me Why by Toheart (Woohyun&Key) on M! Countdown!!

You may vote once a day for each account. Voting period is from Friday, 11AM to Monday, 9AM (KST). Show your support!

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Anonymous whispered: hi do you have any idea when the different voting ends and when the award shows are going to be?

Voting for GDA just ended and voting for SMA will end on January 21.

As for the award ceremonies, GDA will be on January 16. SMA will be on January 23.

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theirfunkytown whispered: Btw the link u gave for the gda app didnt work for my and my friend's phone so had to look up the english version of it and only then I could vote. Just saying in case anyone else has the same problem

It probably depends on the user’s area? But yes, the Golden Disk Awards Global app (currently for Android only) will be easier to use. Thanks for the heads up!

A detailed tutorial on how to vote using that app can be found on this SFI post. However, you must be a member of the forum to view it.

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Anonymous whispered: Do you know how I can vote from the lineapp? >.>

Go to Official Accounts and under Media you will see Soompi. Add their account. After that, you should get a daily message from Soompi asking you to vote. It will be in a form of a survey and you need to vote for all 14 categories.

If you’re still having problems, just send a message!

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Vote for SHINee on Soompi Awards 2013!

  • Top Male Group
  • Artist of the Year
  • Album of the Year - Dream Girl
  • Best Choreography^ - Everybody
  • Best Fandom^ - SHINee World
  • Best Stage Outfits^ - Everybody
  • Song of the Year* - Dream Girl
  • Best Music Video*^ - Dream Girl

^100% based on fan votes || *Voting available on LINE app only

Unlimited voting on the Soompi site. Once per day on the LINE app. Voting period until January 13.

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Vote for SHINee on the 28th Golden Disk Awards!

Voting closes January 12, 2014.

This voting method requires you to pay, but there are currently two events where you will be given free ballots to vote!

Download the “골든디스크" (currently for Android only) to vote. How to get ballots for free:

Event 1: 돈톡 (DONTALK) app”

  • Downloading the app will give you 3 free ballots to vote.
  • Inviting friends will give you 2 free ballots to vote.
  • Ballots are given on a first come, first served basis and may run out.

Event 2: Facebook

  • Like the Golden Disk Awards page through the app. (#3 in the pic below)
  • Share the page. (#5 in the pic below)
  • 1 free ballot to vote will be given everyday.

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Anonymous whispered: is there a voting process for gda??

I will make a post about it once I find out if international fans can vote for GDA. c:

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Vote for SHINee in the 2013 SBS MTV Best of the Best! They are nominated for Artist of the Year.

One vote per IP address every hour. Voting ends on December 19.

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Anonymous whispered: In the Seoul Music Awards, which is more 'important'? Bonsang or popularity? 'Cuz SHINee is seven on the bonsang cathegory right now ><

I think Bonsang is more important because it is one of the main awards (along with the Daesang).

Even if SHINee is 7th right now, they will apparently still get a Bonsang award because it is awarded to the top 10 artists. Online voting is also just a portion of the criteria for judging. On the other hand, online voting counts for 100% of the final score for the Popularity Award. So that is why people are focusing on keeping SHINee in the first place for the Popularity Award.

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Vote for SHINee in the 2013 Nate Awards!

Unlimited voting. Until December 30, 2013.

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