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Welcome! Here you will find a compilation of sites where fans may vote for SHINee. Feel free to submit other sites where fans can vote for the boys. //
where can you digitally by taemins?

Hello! Taemin’s ACE can be downloaded digitally via MelOn, Naver Music, and Genie. However, these sites are in Korean so if you are not familiar with the language, you may opt to purchase from iTunes!

Buying his album digitally will help him win in music shows as well. Please always support TAEMIN!

So Taemin is winning on Show Champion right now? :D do you know when the voting is going to be over? Thanks :3

He’s currently first place in online voting but there are other factors to be considered such as digital sales and physical sales. Voting for the week ends every Sunday and will re-open on Tuesday. The entire voting period for Taemin will end when he is done with promotions. Thank you for your support!

Vote for TAEMIN's DANGER on M Countdown!

Support TAEMIN by voting for him on M COUNTDOWN!

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  • Voting open Friday to Monday every week. Vote once a day per account. You may use up to 10 different accounts in 1 IP address.

Let’s all vote for TAEMIN!

Hi, I was wondering why we can't vote for Taemin for M Countdown? I don't see Taemin's Danger as one of the choices on the voting poll? Thank you for your time! :)

Hello! We can’t vote for Taemin on M!Countdown yet because he still hasn’t technically debuted on that show (today would be his debut stage). He should be on the list after his debut stage. I’ll make a post about it once we can all finally vote for him. Thank you for supporting Taemin!!

Vote for TAEMIN's DANGER on MBC Show Champion!

Support TAEMIN’s solo debut by voting for him on Show Champion!

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  • Voting open Tuesday to Sunday every week. Vote 3 times a day per account.

Let’s all vote for TAEMIN!